Your Social Media Posts In 15 Minutes

Your Social Media Posts In
15 Minutes

My system for posting to my set of social media accounts in super quick time

Doing your social media posts in 15 minutes is very achievable. If it is a chore and a lengthy repetitive job it will get relegated to the bottom of the to-do list and inevitably not get done.

So, here’s my system that takes 15 minutes (maybe less), posting to (there is method in this sequence):

  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Google My Business

OK, with your ‘phone (I use and iPhone, but I’m sure an Android will work fine) let’s get going…

Maybe it is a benefit of your product or service; or, maybe it is a message to inspire potential customers to action.

For example, I have 3 formats for my posts:
1 An image with accompanying text
2 A background textured image upon which I use an app to write text; say, a quote (I use the app Add Text)
3 A blog post image – this is a branded format (see above image – this is what I’d use)

So, with these two things decided upon we are half way there, next…

You have the image on your ‘phone and you post this to Instagram. Write the copy to go with it and put a link to your site if relevant. Add hashtags. Make sure you have selected to have Instagram post at the same time to your Facebook page. Done!

Give Instagram a few secs and your posting will now also be showing on Facebook. Great! Copy the text (note: you cannot copy text from Instagram, hence the sequence). Add hashtags.

Create a post, paste in the text you’ve copied from Facebook. Add the image which is on your phone. Add hashtags. Click to post

Create a tweet by tapping the blue tweet circle. Paste the copy again here. If your post is too long you’ll have to abbreviate it to fit into Twitter (so don’t make it too long thereby giving yourself this problem). And, add the image. Add hashtags. Tap tweet.

(OK, not strictly social media but I’ve included it here – really good advertising platform).
Tap Post then tap Add Update. Paste the text and add the image and post.

Your Social Media Posts In 15 Minutes – Done!

That will have taken 15 minutes maximum.

I’d recommend doing this three times a week.

Decide what works for you. Maybe it is a…
WEEKLY – A weekly plan, deciding up front what the three posts are going to be for the week.
MONTHLY – A monthly plan theme, with a specific content plan week by week.

Importantly, you are doing it and getting you name / brand out there. Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good – just get going!

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