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Purpose Statement: Tell the world what you’re about in 12-15 words

Purpose Statement: Tell the world what you're about in 12-15 words

It’s crucial to your business, cause or passion, because it captures the essence of what you do.

I call this a Purpose Statement, some marketeers would call this a proposition statement.

It is that short statement of 12-15 words that trip off the tongue and fire interest in the person with whom you are in conversation. It’s that short statement you say in a lift when asked by a stranger what you do.

This Purpose Statement serves several important and helpful roles:

  • It defines the direction of your business – the purpose
  • Defining it gives you clarity and in turn you’ll convey this clarity to your customers / audience
  • The purpose statement goes at the top of your websites homepage so visitors are crystal about what you do

It will take quite a few goes to get it right – but you’ll know when it’s right! If you are a business convey in the statement what you do to add value to the lives/businesses or solve a problem for your customers.

No marketing jargon, rather it should use simple language that an eleven year old can understand.

Then keep pairing the statement down until it is 12-15 words. For example the purpose statement of this business is:

“WordPress website design for your business your cause your passion”

And, where is it on the site…. slap bang at the top of the homepage.

So for human visitors – they see a short snappy statement easy to understand, because they’ll only give you a few seconds to work out what the sites about.

And for Google’s spiders – they register this statement is a heading (tagged H1 in fact) and use it as an important reference to help index the site.

More on the purpose statement in an up coming post about my 5 Point Business Plan which is a simply method to map out where you are, what your are trying to do and how you’re going to do it.

It is worth spending the time on to get right. Certainly, if you ask us to build a site for you we’d be looking for a statement like this to give us direction.

Like to know more about how we can help your business your cause your passion?