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We’ve captured here your FAQ. If there is something you need to ask that isn’t here please do CONTACT US we’ll be delighted to help.

Why do you only use WordPress?

Because it is the world’s favourite platform… fast, stable and infinite flexibility.

What is WordPress?

All sites are built using code that is converted into the design of text and images that make your website. WordPress is a platform that uses a certain type of code that has a human friendly interface. Lots of companies around the world create themes (these are templates if you prefer) for use on WordPress, some are free and some have to be bought. Likewise, lots of companies make plugins (think of these as apps as you’d have on your ‘phone) for WordPress. Again, some are free and others need to be purchased.

Will my site look the same as other sites?

No. Because there are so many themes and plugins that no two sites look the same. And, for an individual theme you can alter: fonts, colours, typography, layouts, etc.

Can I run the site once you’ve built it?

Yes. Once we’ve built it for you and you are happy that it is exactly as you want it, then we can do one of two things: either, we pass it across to you to run going forward; or, we run it for you.
This is where WordPress comes into its own, because if you chose to run your site you don’t need to know coding to make minor alterations and updates.

If I want to modify one of your packages, can I do that?

Yes, of course. We just need to understand what you want and agree a price.

If I want to buy a premium theme and premium plugins can I do that?

Yes, you certainly can. We will design and build for you a site that doesn’t use any premium theme or plugin. But, if you want a certain feature that requires a purchased product we’ll buy it and invoice you.

Who buys the domain and hosting?

Best that you do. Therefore, the domain is registered in your name / business.

If I want a completely different bespoke site can you do that?

Yes. We just need to understand exactly what you want so we can quote you a price and build it correctly.

Can you look at my existing website and sort it out?

Yes. As long as it is a WordPress site. We would need to know how you want it changing so we can quote you a price.

What is SEO, which everybody keeps talking about?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. Simply put, Google needs to be able to see your site and understand what it is about so it can index the site correctly. To do this there are certain things you need to do with the visible content and meta content to lead Google by the nose. Thereby, when someone searches for what you are selling / doing you site pops up in the search results.

Will the site you build for me be mobile friendly?

Of course. It will effortlessly respond to whatever type of device it is being viewed on: laptop, tablet or phone. We will make sure that it looks very good when viewed on a phone because approximately 70% of your visitors will be looking at the site on their phones.