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Do I need to bother with SEO?

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do i need to bother with SEO

Do I need to bother with SEO? Yes, you certainly do.

Recently there has been a number of international marketing gurus saying that Search Engine Optimisation (know in the digital world as SEO) is dead, dead in the water, has had its day.

May I respectfully disagree. This post looks at why you need to have your site properly prepared for SEO.

The bottom line is this… you have to guide Google (and it is all about Google, certainly in the UK at least), leading by the nose telling it what your site is all about so it can index you properly.

Think of a library, a new Thai cookery book needs to be indexed and stacked on the shelves with not only other cookery books but in particular Far East and then Thai cooking books. Consequently people can then find the book.

Likewise for Google the SEO work makes sure Google’s spiders know how to index your site so it then shows up correctly in the organic search results. If your site lacks SEO or it has been done poorly you either won’t show up at all, it will be well down the rankings or may be pops up where it is not exactly relevant.

Google above all else, to keep us all happy and continue to use Google, wants what sites show in the search results to be exactly relevant to what has been typed in to the search bar.

Please keep this key point in mind… don’t try to deceive Google because it will punish you by not displaying your site.

Google, with its secret algorithimes will crawl your site to get an overall understanding; and then, look at pages individually to understand the content.

So, each page must have one purpose (eg “About Us”) with that being expressed across:

  • URL
  • Page title
  • Headings
  • Keyword in paragraph text
  • Images

All these elements have the keyword or key phrase. Google then understands this is a page of “about us” for the particular site. See this in action for our site getgoingwebsites.com here ABOUT US .

SEO is in many ways quite logical but the exact way you build a site’s SEO takes some work in creating the keyword plan then the page by page: URLs, titles, meta descriptions, etc. But it makes a very big difference.

In the sites we build we include SEO as part of the package. More here: WEBSITE PACKAGES .

So yes is the answer to the quest: Do I need to bother with SEO? If you don’t do it you Google won’t find you.

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